TeckWrap UK x Wax is Dead Wrap-PPF Ceramic Coating 50ml *FREE DELIVERY*

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TeckWrap UK x Wax is Dead® Wrap-PPF is an advanced consumer-grade ceramic coating designed to be applied on top of vinyl wrap and paint protection films. Wrap-PPF helps extend the lifespan of vinyl wrap and paint protection films by adding a durable, hydrophobic, super slick and chemical resistant layer that lasts up to 24 months.

  • Easy application
  • Superb hydrophobic properties and spectacular beading.
  • Superslick, soft to the touch feel.
  • Enhances gloss, matt and satin finishes.
  • Protection against superficial scratches and swirl marks.
  • Contains UV inhibitors to prevent fade.
  • Withstands temperatures up to 760°c.
  • Prevents corrosion and oxidation.
  • High chemical resistance.


With no protective layer, vinyl wrap films are prone to damage from chemicals such as washer fluid, coolant, bird droppings, road salt and other harsh elements. TeckWrap UK x Wax is Dead® Wrap-PPF protects vinyl wrap and paint protection by forming a strong and durable, chemical-resistant barrier that lasts for up to 2 years.

Wrap-PPF’s unique formula contains UV inhibitors that prevent vinyl wrap films, graphics and decals from fading and discolouring, ensuring the clarity and vibrance of the vinyl is maintained.

Wrap-PPF improves the clarity of vinyl wrap films, helping boost the natural effect and colours of gloss, matt, satin, and chrome finishes for a visually stunning appearance.

The super hydrophobic effect of Wrap-PPF actively repels dirt and contaminants away from the surface helping to prolong the life of vinyl wrap films and PPF while making maintenance washing a whole lot easier.


  • Shake the bottle before use.
  • Make sure the surface area is completely dry and free from contaminants, sealants, waxes and oils.
  • Preload Coating on the applicator, using approximately 7-10 drops, apply to the panel generously, wiping evenly over the prepared surface in a
    cross hatch motion at a maximum area of 2ft x 2ft.
  • Do not try and coat a whole bonnet or large panels in one go.
  • Flashing – You will see the coating “disperse, ” indicating it has flashed.
  • Remove the residue using a soft microfibre cloth after 5 – 60 Seconds depending on temperature & humidity, as this will affect the flash time.
    APPROXIMATE GUIDE TIMES – up to 10°C 30-60 secs, 10-15°C 10-45 secs,
    15-20°C 5-10 secs, 20-25°C 3-7 secs, 25-30°C 1-5 secs, 30+°C Do not install.
  • Matte finish – We recommend a 2 install process, 1st to apply the coating, 2nd to level off as the matt finish will absorb the ceramic coating faster than a gloss finish.
  • Repeat the process on every panel, ensuring full coverage.
  • Do not expose to any moisture/liquid for the next 24 hours to allow the ceramic coating to cure
  • Allow 2 weeks to fully cure before any washing techniques.